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Ready for rapid success in piano and performing? With over 20 years of successful experience, I will nurture your talents and heart and feed you emotionally and socially until you can reach for the stars!

Focused on the sheer joy of playing the piano, my students progress like a rocket ship. I know how to make magic with students and get wonderful results within weeks instead of years. Ordinary children transform into confident, passionate, creative and loving people.

The teacher, not a set of books, is the determining factor in outstanding results!

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Expertise picks Fisher Piano Studio
Expertise AND Lessons.com choose Fisher Piano Studio as a Top 10 Piano Lesson Provider in OKC-Edmond Area

I would like to thank you for being more than a piano teacher to me. You’ve taught me to go past my limits, and that I can achieve more than I ever thought I could. No one has ever been more confident in my abilities than you have been, and that genuinely means more to… Read more “Megan loves piano **”

I have such fond memories of your studio. I feel like it was an important part of me growing up in a sense, and I also feel like so much has changed now since I am 17! Thank you so much for teaching me though. You were one of the best teachers I’ve ever had,… Read more “Mei – I’ll Remember Your Booming Enthusiasm”

Lady Bautista Jun 2, 2017 My son has only been with Mr. Fisher for a few weeks but I have noticed tremendous growth in his piano skills as well as his overall disposition. He enjoys his lessons so much he would come home very excited and eager to practice some more! He has learned to… Read more “Andrei – Tremendous growth in his piano skills”

To my mentor Greg Fisher amazing piano professor, amazing friend and more than that, my brother. Even though I found you barely one year before, your wisdom and your guidance helped me finishing this important goal in my life. You gave me the joy of rediscover the piano and even more important rediscover Music and… Read more “Daniel: To My Mentor”

Professor, thank you for everything you did for us! You are an inspiration, blessing and much more!!! I feel honored for knowing you!!! We love you with our heart!!!! Aline Boyd – Facebook – May 13, 2017

Insane Results for Piano Wiz Kids Makes Two of My Students Appear on Television TWICE! Here's the Video!

Please hire a piano teacher based on results enjoyed by their students: like wonderful confidence, shocking WOW piano playing skills, top-prize contest wins and wonderful heart-felt performances.

Watch the shocking piano student videos below. Be sure to click on the top left corner of the video player for over two dozen of my student’s performances

Join Me and Unleash Your Hidden Talents

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

  • My #1 credential is shocking piano super star students
  • Over 20 years of teaching piano to all ages
  • 57 years young and passionate about mentoring success
  • Bachelor and Master's of Music Degrees
  • Featured 7 times as soloist with orchestra (the dream of every pianist!)
  • Married to Miho Yamada for 19 love-filled happy years
  • We have 3 K-9 rescue kids (dogs) including Max (16), Junior (13) and Glenda (10)

Contest Winning Students Are Proof

Recent Student Accomplishments

  • First Place ($600 PRIZE) Oklahoma Music Olympics – Gilliam Division – 2017, 2016, 2015, 2013 all different Fisher Piano Studio students; 2017 (Alice), 2016 (Gabriel), 2015 (Nathaniel), 2013 (Chan) plus multiple Second ($300) and Third Place ($150) winners as well. This is the most important competition in our state for young pianists. It is also the hardest with the best pianists in our state entering (probably because of the big $$ prizes.)
  • First Place in every division – SWOSU Hubbard-Males Weatherford Piano Competition; 2017 – 2010 plus trophies earned for nearly every Fisher student that attends since 2010.
  • Fort Worth Symphony – Concerto Performance – 2016 – 15-year-old Andrew plays the full Liszt Concerto No. 1 in E-Flat major with world renowned Symphony under Maestro Barry Douglas.
  • FIRST PLACE 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 OMTA Junior Auditions with multiple students including Chan, Nathaniel, Gabriel and Alice plus tons of Alternate Wins as well.
  • Young Artist Acceptance – PianoTexas at Texas Christian University –  at only 15 years old! Andrew earned a spot aside Julliard and New England Conservatory college aged entrants.
  • Silver Medal Finalist 2016 and 2015 Bronze at Colorado’s Odyssiad International Piano Competition (Nathaniel)

9 Student Profiles of Real Success

Click the button to discover  NINE amazing student profiles with video progressions to show you the accelerated progress of each student.

TWIN Piano Studios

Enjoy the learning experience in an informal yet professional setting with two studio rooms: the formal studio room with a new Steinway M Grand piano and a Baldwin Grand piano for conveniently teaching through demonstration and emulation of your maestro teacher. I also have a second studio room with a Steinway studio piano and a digital Yamaha full 88-key piano (with pedal!) that thrills students with nearly infinite sounds and capabilities. Students spend hours playing their cool pieces at different settings while laughing, giggling and having a blast. Of course, for the 21st century, I also have a computer lab with a dozen music software programs the kids just love.

piano prodigy training studio

Piano Prodigies Are Built, Not Made

The SECRET KEY to the success of the methods I teach is the use of ingenious ‘learning tricks’ to solve specific problems at the piano — and in life. The most important factor for learning the piano is the practice methods. Effort, time and talent are secondary! My secrets make the difference between a lifetime of futility; and a concert pianist in less than 10 years for young, dedicated students.

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You’ll find my prices very competitive. Beginner 45-minute piano lessons are $35 each (payable every four lessons in advance) and 60-minute piano lessons for more advanced students are $50 each (also payable every four lessons).

Your only requirement is to have a full 88-key piano (acoustic or digital) to practice on. That’s all! Policy Page HERE 

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A Student Is Almost Always Motivated To Practice… If They Leave The Lesson Feeling Capable and Happy!

Please don’t waste time and money with boring piano lessons. Take this opportunity to study with the best teacher with the most successful student track record, proven from amazing student after student accomplishments. Greg has spent years perfecting his piano wisdom and teaching secrets and you will instantly reap the benefit from the first lessons. ALL Student Videos HERE

Not Another Piano Prodigy!

Building more and more piano prodigies It’s said that you’re only young once—and sometimes not even that. “Canada’s piano superstar is 8 years old,” proclaimed the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. earlier this year. The superstar in question, Kevin Chen, passed the country’s piano teacher exam and is studying at the Royal…

What Is A Child Piano Prodigy?

Define Child Prodigy: In psychology research literature, the term child prodigy is defined as a person under the age of ten who produces meaningful output in some domain to the level of an adult expert performer. Child prodigies are rare; and, in some domains, there are no child prodigies at…

Parents Should Force Piano Lessons

Parents Absolutely Should Force Their Kids to Take Music Lessons By Paul Berman September 19, 2013 Should children study violin—or rather, be forced to study piano? Or forced to study ballet? Mark Oppenheimer published a piece in The New Republic the other day asking this question in the urgent manner of a dad fretting over his…

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